Experience sobriety success through a structured environment.

A sober house provides the perfect transition from residential treatment to independent clean/sober living with just the right amount of structure and accountability to encourage a healthy lifestyle.


"The Whitestation Sober Houses played a huge part in my recovery. They provided a clean and safe environment where I could focus on getting back to a better way of living. I was given the structure I needed and was held accountable for all of my actions. Without these things, my life wouldn't be what it is today, which is way better than I could have ever imagined." -David L., former resident

"Cumberland Heights is excited to have Whitestation Sober Houses as a resource for our men and women transitioning from residential treatment to sober living. Their philosophy about recovery is like-minded, which is a total abstinence environment, with emphasis on the spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps of AA and NA. Cumberland Heights is extremely comfortable with referring to Whitestation Sober Houses." -Ernie Ward, Regional Outreach Coordinator, Cumberland Heights